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Emma Danchin

Alstonville Remedial Massage

You were meant to feel clear
free, expanded & whole in your outlook;
To live an amazing & authentic life. 
Surrender to your flow
Connect to the Divine within you 
Nurture yourself
Feel joy and simple pleasure in your body
Allow MASSAGE to bring you into your presence and your power
About Us

Remedial Massage & Healing Bodywork

Do you sometimes feel tight, sore and contracted in your body?

Do you have stubborn problem areas that you haven't managed to get to the bottom of?

Can you feel confused, weighed down or overwhelmed?

Can work and life feel hard, like a struggle or lacking meaning?

Are you dealing with a lot of different factors, in your health or life generally, and need some support?

In my experience, we can all do with supportive services to assist the body to be in balance.  And the best way I have found to reconnect to the truth and to feel awesome again is through my body, through Massage and Healing Bodywork.  It has consistently been the most powerful turn around for me, which is what inspires me to keep bringing it for others.

I have been in private practice for 23 years, devoted to supporting my clients' healing through bodywork. Exploring the many and varied styles of massage with zest, curiosity and dedication to understand the body and find what really works, my practice has evolved to offer techniques that offer a deep and lasting foundation to live with true wellbeing. 


Working with the science of remedial massage and personal training, and a thorough exploration through the practice of Oriental, Thai and Indian massage styles and in particular Zen Shiatsu, Chinese Massage, Samvahan vibrational healing, Lomi Lomi and working extensively with pregnant women and other specialist client groups and with complicated client cases, I have developed a capacity to read the body and respond accordingly with a wide range of tools to draw from.


Healing is about letting go of what no longer serves us.  It is about stopping for long enough to realise what is hurting us and this is enough to make space for us to hold more love in our bodies.  Massage is an age-old way to support, hold and truly meet a person in their pain or tension, embracing them with loving touch so that they can return to their natural self, with clarity and focus in their outlook and a sense of authenticity and freedom for just simply being themselves.


Combining the two creates a massage experience to remember.

This has been my experience and this is what motivates me to share what I have to offer with you.

Pregnancy Massage Emma Danchin
Emma Danchin consultation


Emma offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to massage to provide the best massage experience possible.  Her remedial technique centers around trigger point therapy and myofascial release work, with an understanding that not only muscles, but also the connective tissue (encompassing fascia, tendons, ligaments and organs) all play a role in releasing the hardness and tension that be created in response (or reaction) to life as we live it.  She aims to be thorough and to address the areas of your concern, as well as the areas that are connected and influencing these areas with a deeply intuitive and experienced understanding of the body, to create a full body reset. 


Emma creates a sacred space for your massage, to be deeply held and responded to with presence, reading what it is you may need in order to reach deeper connection with yourself and insight into how you can continue to support yourself, to live your life with true wellbeing. 


An initial consult is 75mins, and subsequent sessions can be tailored to be shorter or longer depending on what you need and are available at Emma Danchin's Alstonville, Northern New South Wales Clinic

Alstonville Remedial Massage  or on occasion in Highett, Melbourne.

Book your free 15min Wellbeing phone consult with Emma to determine your best session plan

Stillness Healing

Emma works with a foundational understanding of the science of remedial massage, including myofascial release and trigger point therapy, and the application of specialised bodywork technique to clear, release and restore harmony in the body.  The body can let go very deeply, being treated with such respect and care, and offers the possibility of profound healing, rather than simply relief of symptoms.

Book a massage to support with:

  • Muscular pain or stiffness

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Tension headaches or migraines

  • Stress, Anxiety & Nervous tension

  • Releasing emotional & physical strain

  • To deeply reconnect with your physical body and receive its wisdom

  • To care for and to understand your physical body so that you can continually adjust, adapt to change and to evolve.

Stillness Healing offers a stop moment, a pause, for reflection on one's choices and their necessary outplay, with the full understanding that we – through our choices and awareness – are responsible for what happens in our lives. The session offers an opportunity to receive counsel and a hands-on, exquisitely gentle healing experience on the table where you feel held in warmth and love, to surrender to your innate wisdom.  From this place, change naturally follows, by choice, to return to the love that is our most natural state of being. 

Meditation technique may be offered as a tool for reconnection & creating space in your day.

Energetic Needling Therapy

Needling is an age old way of bringing change and harmony to the body.  
It can be used to address patterns in both the physical and emotional body, by re-aligning the body energetically according to presenting symptoms.  It offers a moment to surrender deeply into a meditative state and awaken with fresh outlook and connection to your innate wisdom.  It is an incredible way to work with underlying patterns and systemic issues. 

Consider needling to support with:

  • Stress, Anxiety & Nervous Tension

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Feeling stuck & indecisive

  • Low immunity

  • Adrenal Exhaustion

  • Support whilst receiving medical treatment, such as chemotherapy

  • Addictive behaviour

  • Feeling angry and emotional

  • Deepening self-care, self-acceptance & developing self-nurture

  • Digestive issues

  • Seeking to make lasting change in a particular area or theme in one's life

  • Energetic Detoxification

  • Navigating aspects of living as a woman or a man

  • Infertility or difficulty conceiving

  • Accessing deeper understanding of life and yourself in it

Connective Tissue Therapy
Perinatal Massage
& Wellness sessions
Sacred Facial & Head Massage

Connective Tissue Therapy is delicate non-invasive technique that introduces a wave-like motion to the body that offers a harmonious pulse to be received. As the connective tissue is all connected in a matrix throughout the body, all parts of the body will respond by loosening, expanding and returning to a state of ease. It is an exceptional technique in the support of people who are experiencing chronic pain. It is a deeply stilling technique, connecting beyond the physical to the expansiveness of soul and the divine wisdom that innately flows from this connection. 

Consider Connective Tissue Therapy for support with:

  • Chronic Pain

  • Releasing physical & emotional strain

  • Accelerated soft tissue healing / Injury recovery

  • Postural Alignment

  • Allowing the body to deeply let go and restore its true vitality

Preparing to have a baby begins long before the pregnancy and this is the most wonderful time to commit to your wellbeing with a series of remedial massage and healing sessions to explore what ways would best support you. It is about deepening one's foundation of loving and supportive ways so that you can best navigate the journey of becoming a parent. 

Pre-Natal Massage is designed to support you through the changes that occur during pregnancy.  For best results, it is recommended that you book regular sessions throughout your pregnancy and co-ordinate your massage treatment with your GP, Obstetrician and Midwife appointments.  This way we can develop a treatment plan for you to best support you for the arrival of your baby.


Post-natal massage supports recovery, relaxation & returning to ease in the body, and is recommended fortnightly from 2-4 weeks post-partum and then monthly in the first year of your baby's life.

  • Plan your pregnancy

  • Deepen and commit to self care and self nurture

  • Build your self supportive foundation

  • Sustain this self loving foundation living with and caring for young children

Sacred Facial & Head Massage is inspired by an ancient Egyptian ritual whereby the whole body and one's emotional wellbeing receives a profound healing, coupled with deep relaxation.


A series of movements are applied to the face with a depth of care and sensitivity that confirms your beauty and reveals your true expression.


It can be (and often is) combined with your remedial massage or given as a stand alone experience.  Release of jaw tension can be key to facial massage, as well as release of the forehead, temples and scalp.

Book a facial release if:

  • You experience headaches, jaw tension or TMJ dysfunction.

  • You would like to be tenderly cared for & nurtured but are not familiar with receiving body therapies, or your body is not yet ready for a full remedial massage

  • You have been feeling tense but not really sure where, how or why?

  • You simply want to confirm your gorgeousness and shine even more brightly when you greet the day, letting the World see who you really are

What other clients are saying ...

               "I feel so different.  I'm so glad I came."



"Emma, you're a master at massage!  It has honestly spoiled me seeing anyone else.  It is so interesting being massaged by you because it is always different and always exactly what I need.  I'm so glad you will continue to visit Melbourne, lucky us!"



             "Emma your massage was without a doubt the best I have experienced. It was the perfect balance between addressing the                             restrictions in my physical body whilst at the same time connecting to my being, so that I can feel a complete reset in body and                      outlook. I have never received a massage with such attention to detail, reaching every single part that needed it and with just the                 right amount of pressure and attention. And then to be held in your loving touch to feel whole, complete, all of me, clear and                       loved; People need this gift that you offer. Your quest to bring massage in its depth and wholeness has been accomplished.

             Thank you dearly Emma."

"Thank you Emma for your healing massage and generous spirit. My husband and I both love it when you visit Melbourne and make times available for us to have a session or two with you each visit. I feel very healed and centered after the last session. You really take your time for me to get the most out of each session. Much appreciated."



                  "I had a lot of upper back tension and Emma worked through it all with incredible skill, care and attention to detail, I find it                             quite amazing really.  She can also describe what’s occurring in my body and mind in ways that I find very helpful. A bodywork                    session with Emma is more effective for me, in bringing relief, clarity and positive energy, than a session with a psychologist."

"Emma Danchin is a wonderful practitioner who holds true and unwavering support for clients, allowing you to unfold and heal as you feel to. She holds a solid foundation, and combines modalities according to client needs. I whole-heartedly recommend her service. Thanks for doing what you do, and being you.​"

               "I have had ongoing and regular sessions with Emma over a year now.  She is professional, warm and very caring.  Emma has                       supported me to connect with my inner being.   I have greater self-awareness and I'm learning to feel my feelings and stay                         present with myself.   I feel more grounded and better able to cope with daily life.   I highly recommend Emma and her work!"

"Emma is in a league of her own - this is the best massage/healing treatment I've ever had. You're in the best hands, literally."

                "I have been seeing Emma for 12 years and she also sees my wife.  I experience a lot of stress & emotional tension and work full-                 time at a desk job; I find I can develop tightness and soreness in my body. My sessions with Emma allow my body to reset and my                 mind to reconnect with my physical self. Emma works in a very professional manner and guides you in reconnecting with your                    body. I always leave feeling relaxed, deeply supported and lighter after each session and better able to cope with professional and                 family life.  I wouldn’t trust any other bodywork practitioner in the same way as I do Emma."

"I have enjoyed every visit to see Emma during my pregnancy. I am confident that Emma's treatments contributed to the intervention free, quick and joyful birth of my second child and a speedy recovery, which was very different to my first child's birth. Her holistic approach has helped me on many levels - an unexpected, but welcome surprise. I feel more relaxed, centered and aware of others - sometimes we need help to slow down and extract ourselves from self-centered living!"

                  "Sometimes we forget our own essence as life's pressures take hold of's within the cocoon of Emma's room and healing                       presence that we center ourselves and just be. Her sessions are very personalized and not only does she help me reconnect to                        my body but my soul as well. I first began to see Emma one day back in 2009 when I was feeling stressed, fragile and frayed                     at the edges and I called Emma who made time to see me asap.

               Thank you Emma for your genuine efforts, insights, care and so much more… not to forget your healing hands!.... and those                          precious moments gained of a lightness of being, wisdom and joy to take away and to face another day....

"Good to know you’re still practising in Melbourne!  I wanted to say a big thank you to you for your influence in my life and to wish you well. You helped me so much back in those Ki viva days. Your wise counsel had such an impact on my life, which changed course and I’m still growing in wellness years later.  Thank you Emma."

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Contact Emma to make a time to pop in or mention it at your next appointment.

Alternatively, place an order for an E Gift Card (below) and have it sent instantly to the recipient. 

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